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What’s your weight loss challenge?

I’m not losing weight but I exercise a lot
I can’t seem to lose weight by dieting
I eat uncontrollably some days
I can’t stay motivated with my weight goals

We have a treatment plan for your weight management challenge. We believe no two patients are the same. All our weight loss and management plans are customized to meet your specific goals and lifestyle. No matter what your challenge is, we can beat it together.

Visit us for a full range of medical weight loss services personalized just for you.

Weight challenge diagnosis

Let’s discover what causes your weight gain and identify how to create a healthy weight management lifestyle.

Weight gain treatment

Reach your wellness goals faster. We combine nutrition, physical activity, behavior therapy, or weight loss medication. 

Weight management plan

Keep excess weight off. We create a weight management and maintenance plan that works for the long term.

Body composition analysis

Our bioimpedance body composition machine gives insight into your body fat, muscle mass, body water content, and other factors to help determine what’s causing weight gain. We support this with your blood panel testing to get a baseline of your metabolic health.

Personalized nutritional plan

Get a custom nutritional plan based on your metabolic needs. Our meal replacement plan options include puddings, shakes, smoothies, and protein-rich meal replacement bars that provide a unique blend of macronutrients plus essential micro-nutrients to support healthy weight management.

Intravenous (IV) infusions

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We offer intramuscular (IM) and IV infusions to help ensure you have the right micronutrients and minerals needed for your metabolic and electrical processes. Our Myers cocktail includes Vitamin C, B-Complex, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Weight loss medication

FDA-approved weight loss medications, including GLP-1/Semaglutide/Ozempic and Phentermine, prescriptions available when needed.

Physical exercise plan

Let’s discuss your current activity level and create effective exercising options that fit into your lifestyle to help you take control of your health goals.

Behavior therapy

What are your food triggers? Happiness or sadness? Are you sleeping enough? We’ll work on your behavior triggers to help with your weight management.

How we use our weight loss services to get you healthier

The first

initial visit

Yay! You’ve taken the first step!

Free weight loss consultation

Let’s start your weight loss journey with a first visit. Get a no-obligation weight loss consultation with a licensed medical provider.

Body composition analysis
Health history, lab test review, and physical assessment
Get free weight management advice
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First month

weight loss phase

Get a personalized weight loss plan

Weight Management Plans

The journey begins once you sign up for one of our flexible medical weight loss plans. We work together to accomplish your health goals by creating a personalized weight management plan after your thorough assessment with a licensed medical weight loss provider.

Your first initial month is critical to your success, so we encourage weekly weigh-ins and a closer look at your medication. Here’s what to expect:

Personalized weight management plan based on the Btivity GUARD Methodology
Lab testing (Btivity Wellness Center Custom Blood Work/Testing)
FDA-approved weight loss medication prescription, if required

Monthly weight management services

Let’s help you keep the weight off!

Weight Management Plans

We believe in sustainable weight loss. That means you lose weight and keep the weight off! That happens when you learn to create a lifestyle that works for now and the future.

That’s where our monthly weight management plans come in. Choose between our monthly, three-month, or six-month plan for even more savings and to help you commit!

3-month weight management plan with weekly or monthly management guides and suggestions
Consistent weight management plan review by a licensed medical weight loss provider
Weight loss medication supervision and monitoring to avoid any negative side effects
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Start your weight loss journey today!

Our patients are happy with their results

“total confidence boost”

“I had been struggling with gaining a significant amount of weight in a 2 year span. It affected not only my physical appearance and overall health, but also my self-image and confidence. In my first month, I lost a total of 15lbs. I’ve gained some of my confidence back and don’t feel like I have to hide my body anymore. Dr. Marian has made everything doable and has been so supportive and kind throughout. I 100% recommend Btivity!”

Weight lost: 15 lbs

Results: Positive self-image

“best in Atlanta!”

“The Best in Atlanta!! Marian & the team are AMAZING!!

The positive energy is priceless! The care, attention and customer service is superb! Marian TRULY listens to your needs, does a full assessment of your body and provides a realistic plan for realistic results!

I’m so grateful to be in her care and watch my body transform to a healthy weight!”

Results: healthy weight transformation

“very thorough and personable”

“Dr. Marian is by far the best medical professional I’ve ever worked with. She is very personable and everyone is an individual. It is so easy to lose track of time when talking to her, because she is very thorough and all questions are welcome.

I lost 25 pounds under her instruction and I will continue to recommend her to all my friends. She is great and I am very grateful and appreciative to have met her. I would not hesitate to seek her guidance in the future.”

Weight lost: 25 lbs

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