We are Btivity

We focus on evidence-based personalized weight loss and body positivity. At Btivity, we believe anyone can lose weight and keep it off.

Here’s our story: The accidental discovery

Even with my years of medical experience, I chanced upon medical weight loss. I had a job opportunity to be a nurse practitioner at a medical weight loss clinic, and I was curious but also skeptical.

Truthfully, I took on the challenge to see if I could help others lose weight.

Then, it happened!

My first client, a stay-at-home mother of three, started losing weight. Then my clients who were either going through menopause or had already reached menopause were responding greatly to treatment. Then pretty much every client I saw was responding to treatment.

I realized this actually works — there’s a science to weight loss, and I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Like you, I’m a patient with obesity who struggled with finding the solution to my condition. It wasn’t until I realized obesity and overweight is a chronic condition that needs to be managed just like any other condition that I started seeing consistent results.

I started Btivity because I know the weight loss journey can be lonely, and I never want you to feel alone. At Btivity, we equip you with the tools needed to achieve sustainable weight management so you can be a healthier and happier you.

Btivity Medical weight loss provider - Dr Marian Opoku Agyeman

Why Btivity is different

We are not your average Medical Weight Loss Clinic.

1. Personalized treatment

No two treatment plans are the same. If needed, you always get an individualized plan with behavior therapy, physical activity, and medication to create a truly tailored treatment plan.

2. Science-based methodology

There’s a science to weight loss and management; we are here to guide you through the process. The Btivity GUARD methodology sets you up to achieve and sustain your health goals.

3. Focus on wellness first

It’s easy to get fixated on a number on a scale. However, we understand that weight loss has to be done in a healthy way that contributes to your overall wellness. We focus on your overall health.

Btivity GUARD Weight Management Method

Using our years of weight management, we’ve designed our science-based 5-phase weight management methodology (GUARD) to give you the best chance to accomplish your weight loss and management goals. We take a holistic wellness and preventative healthcare approach because we understand that weight management is not just about losing weight; it’s about feeling your best and maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

First Phase:

We help you pinpoint your motivations for achieving and maintaining your weight management plan.

Fourth Phase: Recurring Triggers

We identify recurring triggers for your weight management concerns and create a strong prevention strategy.

Second Phase:

We work together to help you deepen your understanding of yourself, your weight management challenges, and how to take control.

GUARD-medical weight loss method - atlanta - marietta - clinic- btivity

Third Phase:

We serve as your health support community to encourage and empower you throughout your weight management journey.

Fifth Phase:
Doable Plan

During your final stage, we fine-tune your plan to help you create a weight maintenance plan that is tangible, sustainable, and long-lasting.

What we believe and practice every day

Btivity means Body Positivity and we can’t wait for you to look and feel good!
~ Marian Opoku-Agyeman MSN, FNP-C
Every patient should be treated with the utmost respect.
Patient privacy is always a must.
Every patient should have a comfortable, judgment-free visit.
Everyone can live in the body they love with access to the right tools. 
Obesity is a medical condition like any other and should be treated medically.
You are more than a number on a scale.
Every patient deserves a personalized treatment.
Your weight loss journey is a holistic process and lifestyle.

What we do: Personalized, evidence-based weight management and wellness

Stop by for a welcoming, holistic and individualized view to your health and weight management goals. We take a health-first approach by providing you the tools needed to achieve your healthy weight.

Weight challenge diagnosis

Let’s discover what causes your weight gain and identify how to create a healthy weight management lifestyle.

Weight gain treatment

Reach your wellness goals faster. We combine nutrition, physical activity, behavior therapy or weight loss medication. 

Weight management plan

Keep excess weight off. Create a weight management and maintenance plan that works for the long term.

Our medical weight loss providers

Btivity Medical Weight Loss Provider - Marian Opoku Agyeman

Marian Opoku-Agyeman MSN, FNP-C

Lead Medical Provider and Founder

“Never feel ashamed. There is science behind weight control, and just your willpower is not always enough”

Btivity Medical Weight Loss Provider - Ebanga Agbor

Ebanga Agbor, MSN, FNP-C

Senior Medical Provider

“Share your lifestyle, schedule, and goals with us, and we will create a customized plan for you.”

Visit us soon! We are your full-range Atlanta-based Medical Weight loss Clinic and Wellness Center.

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